swansea…….truly heaven

Its after the visit of swansea wales , the whiff of salty air is still fresh . The garden of eden though lost to humanity , might still find its existence on the golden sands of mumbles. The turquoise water with the white waves dancing reminded me of fairy tales that boasted of sea nymphs diving out of the sea and the crash of waves were as mesmerising as the odes of sirens. A wonderful view of a father passing on his knowledge of fishing to his young toddler still gives me hope that life is beautiful .The nature was at its best with its lush virgin grasslands unscathed by talons of human destruction. It did grieve me while i left the bay and it called out to me to return back , just the way the lagoon called back its people in the movie ‘back to the blue lagoon’. i wish to quote a few lines from autobiography of babur , who ironically was known as a poet rather than iconoclastic invader , while he viewed the snow capped peak of his beloved madre watan , the now battle torn country of afghans ….

” if theres a heaven on earth this is it , this is it , this is it. ”



  1. naice …really nice!!

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