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To west!!!!!!

And so i return back after a real long exile in the teritroy known as apping.  It has been rather gloomy period so far , like for those Vikings who dreamt of discovering the new worlds only to find the decks being flooded. So what i have to say now ???? Hmmmm. …… well one things for sure , interns are luck.

Switching from this dreaded topic , i look back and see my past one year. One half really felt like RI (For those not aware of this term its Rigorous Imprisonment). Right from our beloved and soon to bid farewell Prof Nishant , making us toil so hard it would put a gestapo survivor to shame . And to add on to that a course that taught us basics of architecture (and guys pls don’t send a link of this post to profs……enough of sycophancy). Then comes a sem which really made me wonder – “what am i here for”? . From prof bunking classes (and that’s not a typing error) , to whole projects based on some wild imagination being graded as best , people ready with misty eyes showing false (and rather sick) sense of dedication and hard work being patted on back,  there came a time where all felt like eternal doom.

But then at the end of the day theres soap, dc and the beloved new canteen offering a refuge to the broken hearted .


Posted by: vatsishere | November 25, 2008

hum hai bidesi

Well with this coming closer and closer to its end , its just one and a half year i will have to bear with (which im doing now with exemplary grace) the design dept. We , the B.Des (well i dont intend to start my own preamble ) have had hell of a time in dept . Apart from fighting profs , to back biting , excellent maneuvers of bitching and cut throat tactics which Loki himself will admire , the dept as also been a source of a lot of memories that will be etched on my mind and heart . Some friends have been along at all times , you rock guys. It would be trite to say “college has been the best days of my life ” , but surely memorable ones. Our once in blue moon healthy disrespect for authorities , the chai time , bread parties , gosh so many things that i fear i would miss after graduation.

as sands of time spill from our hands , let us rlish what is left of the best days of our life

well lets for time being not target the good ol brits , they already have problems with their hyper – alergic and hypochondriac self (i hold my hand up and swear i dont hold any grude or contempt 😀 ). well now coming back to the topic ,,,, seems wierd when u know i am a student at one of the finest universities giving out tech education ,,,, well thanx to the ill founded advice of our beloved HOD who had in mind that we need to learn cog. psychology ,,,,, we spent 4 months learning what goes on in brain (well most of it was what is brain like) ……. well friends i i were to become a doctor i surely would have had interest in what goo matter is up there ,,,, but then being inherently lathargic enuf ,,,, i ended up being an engineer ,,, even worse a designer in tech insti. so how did the course help…. a bit i must say better in comparison to the crap what we are being taught in under grad ….. but could have been better ,,emphasising on better ways to understand user thaught process and other design related things ,,,, after all let docs do what they are best at ….. why to teach techies ,,, who might finally use jugad technology making things worse.

well u must be surprisedthat im not sarcastic and frustrated …….


well my sarcastic self is now asleep from the craploads of todays exam(a.k.a. prisnors last day) and u better not wake it up……


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sod’s law …. a.k.a shit happens

well a rather old phenomena that has been irking me the most is the sod,s law . As sodding as it means , its true to its core , whatever precuation you take , whatever the preparations you make , when the divine puppeteer wishes , the shit still happens , and sometimes to increase his entertainment , you find yourself in a knoll of shit .A rather sadistic tone for the over enthu and over optimistic guys of IIT___(note the three blanks , not an attempt to enrage my beloved friends in guawati) who think life is all sugary , and sweet . Dude get a life and if you dont find one dig yourself a hole and bury yorself into it.

brothers , and im in now way intending to sound like a apriest , life sucks the most when you expect it to be going all well and sugary and blah blah tempo and yo crap of the again unmentionable place.SO ending my ever sadistic blog on sarcastic note :

the person who said “i was unhappy cus i didnt have shoes till the time i saw a lame” was probably a jerk who didnt buy a good pair of sneakers cus he was sucha big looser taht he couldnt get one .

be practical


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i am frustrated …. im in IIT … so i write a blog

A simple and convinient technology to vent away our anger at our lives , proffs and those lucky enuf in IITs to have love life. GOOD , so here i have ended up as always , showing i am a loner .Writing a blog , a liking to which a you can see i have just started , is only a way to repress rather than emancipate from the angry self. I dont believe venting out my frustration by blogging will actually help me, but i do feel venting it out my neighbour (especially a neighbour like rohit moahn , man you rock , cus u are worth being stoned at 😛 ) is the best i can do nowadays , and i luvvvv it. Also why is that , about the usual lots of IIT guys that the outsiders see , present an image of a developed , by which i mean only the brain part , organism with excessive zeal to look like intellectual (simplified translation : nerd). Why cant people actually thinlk that we can be multidimentional .

A reason to this , one of my good ol theories , is that living in an artificial , stimulated and restrained environments makes you one .With oddly tipped demographics , negligible outside interaction and just simple boring life reapeating to death , i dont believe much opportunities are left to escape from the notion : nerd-dom.

but then im IITian , with a smug and arrogance that i can rule teh world ,(pehle apna ghar toh sambhalo ) , i continue to live in self – proclaimed bondapa , not wanting to change myself. Afterall its ego and vanity that keeps you going



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who are you … designer …. eh ?

well the above was one of my friends reaction when i said i was a designer , in IIT. Rather strange to hear but believe me (and i would say Ripley’s believe it or not its true). Started as a dream to provide the ebst of design education , the department now is just a phenomena , what the IDC guys in IITb have aptly said “NID syndrome”.

here i would actually raise a few question :

why is it so that people think they know the best for us , first of all if i don’t have a liking for a field , whatever you may do will not make me excel in it , but and i would again like to specifically enforce the word BUT , our beloved profs have the notion , that its what they think will be good for is is what they should teach.

dear profs , and i am not writing this to sound as a suck (read application for internships) , we want to live a life commanded by our own decisions. Time has come to address our grievances.

one of my friends has rightly said

 “they say a man gets a life of human after 84 lakhs rebirths , only to end up in DOD ”

i am a proud designer , but shouldn’t there be a limit to nonsense?

its time we think my friends.



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what if

one of the quintessential questions man has been asking the divine puppeteer above , watching and grining smugly as we slog and slog , in vain though. The question would have appeared to you , during the soul searching moments

“what if i had made another choice ?” ,

“what if i had asked her out?”,

“what if i would have actually have had guts to do it ?”

but at the end of the day these two words remain a reminder of what didn’t. And then follows bargaining for future , pain and even more trouble. Can we be ever satisfied , one may say no .But what if we find contentment with the state of affairs present. Some may say even no to that.Then what is it that can actually relieve us of the burden such a small sentence puts upon us . I would say hope , a hope that whatever may be  , it will be me who will overcome any situation.I say lets stop saying what if , and replace it with “what if i do”?


well its a few weeks since im back from britain and now im getting hang of the way things run in india ……my sweet little india.the first experience was being stopped and being interrogated whether im carrying explosives …. dude … even if im a terrorist i’ll not be answering that one , makes me a bad recruit . then im confronted with what brittany had left us as parting gift …. our good ol bureaucracy …. im being asked whether im carrying black foreign exchange … man … why ask just search (well then i was asked for some kharcha paani stuff and lo behold there goes fifty bucks!!!!!)…well back in campus , im back to my indian biological clock , the usual late lateefa type of working ….. the registration ends at 3 im arriving at 2 ….. i get a bus … but then as luck would have it ….. its damn full …. what do i do ….. a simple jugaaad ……. climb the top just hanging onto a carriers rod praying for my life ( need not worry , sinners live long 😛 ……all this i say my friends you wouldnt see anywhere else ,,, this is my india ….. and im glad to be back ….with a bang (and ya minus the fifty bucks)!!!!

how does one change himself to adapt to a very different ..mind you not vibrant … but a bland , hey-mister-dont-bother-me culture……well you just become a lifeless entity in general crowd , hiding your existance and act as if you were born cyborg (im now a robot … thank you britanny) . such is the situation in the london transport ….u dont talk , you dont look , and you dont do anything that in anyway hints the people of your presence …. when i talk over the phone …people look at me with thoughts ( many of them my evil assumptions 😛 ) …… what a loud speaker oohh bollocks …. cant these barbarians stop infiltrating our areas …. ooh these indians …… get out and speak you brown ….. is he talking to his commarade in al-queda ..oh god please save me from this devil …lord save the queens blah blah and her royal highness’ crap ………. ha ha ha ha …..these british and their stupid customs ………. when someone offers you a cup of coffee do remember to do two things …… tell him ” how kind of you” with such gratitude as if you have never tasted one …… second these brits call a spot of milk in their coffee to be light coffee … unless you want a bitter taste lingering in your mouth reminding of the ”how kind of you ” now turned to ”sala gora kameena ” tell them to make it with loads of milk and sugar ( though after this you will be told u’ll die of heasrt disease after you have 4 cubes ) ……. after all this i still think … do i need to follow ‘live like a roman in rome ‘ …… sure i wouldnt have liked to drape myself in tunic just big enough to cover my loins 😛

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