bite the dust……naah wax !!! :D

it happened during the lunch br ……………. wait why am i plagiarising an icon of sheer stupidity . This comment may though attract a large horde of its fan following to thump me πŸ˜› . my simple little incidence deals with a more simpler simpleton aka me who is lost in the labyrinth of tesco , a sheer live example of how capitalistic monopoly reigns and thrives in western word . today i was told to write memoirs of my adventures rather misadventures after i took a bite of cheddar cheese with its opening made of wax . this really may sound stupid but for an indian standing on long alleys of shelves with products he hasnt seen before it can be an experience , so i take a bite of this cheese with its glossy outer cherry red covering thinking it to be a crust of cherry syrup dried and glazed (so much english … makes you wonder …. see the instruction on products here … you seriously dont need to attend vocab classes !!!!) and then im left with this awful taste of boorishness. this is not all . i was laughed at when i asked why do people need to buy eggs packaged separately of those hen which are free to roam about . doesnt matter . it just has to go to your alimentary system . For that i get a comment (and do add the haughty english accent πŸ˜› ) @how cruel of you to eat eggs of those poor creatures locked up in thier tiny cages . Ha ha …. seriously this thought never mattered me . But then these are britons . The ones who ruled the world and blah blah. Ya and to end it i was even told that im silly when i plucked cherries from trees and ate them ( british dont do this … considered childish ……. seriously had it been india the tree would be stripped of its leaves!!!!!) …. but then thats my india … lovely little place where people dont bother how a chicken lives or dies….. they bother about things likelike who is kareena now with .. saas bahu main kal kya hua ….. thats my india. and im proud of it (sorry to end it with dennis leary’s song … plagiarism … my best vice πŸ˜‰


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