Posted by: vatsishere | April 9, 2009

The man from earth

This person is friend of steve jobs , langotia yaar of Homi J. Bhaba and he has seen it all ……hes the one and only ……. lean ,mean and the tutoring  machine ……. Raaaaoooooooo siiiiiirrrrrrrr.  It is not till now that i have come to know that Rao sirji was the man behind the idea and invention of proximity fuse of artillery . Having being in company of elites from Hp , Xerox and other distinguished lab , Rao sir all together has had a wonderfull career profile. My 2 semesters under his guidance (though my attendance being the usual ebby) has been a wonderful experience . But alas, like all epic tales come to a stop , so my journey with Rao sirjii ends tommorow …….. we will miss you sir


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