Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

To west!!!!!!

And so i return back after a real long exile in the teritroy known as apping.  It has been rather gloomy period so far , like for those Vikings who dreamt of discovering the new worlds only to find the decks being flooded. So what i have to say now ???? Hmmmm. …… well one things for sure , interns are luck.

Switching from this dreaded topic , i look back and see my past one year. One half really felt like RI (For those not aware of this term its Rigorous Imprisonment). Right from our beloved and soon to bid farewell Prof Nishant , making us toil so hard it would put a gestapo survivor to shame . And to add on to that a course that taught us basics of architecture (and guys pls don’t send a link of this post to profs……enough of sycophancy). Then comes a sem which really made me wonder – “what am i here for”? . From prof bunking classes (and that’s not a typing error) , to whole projects based on some wild imagination being graded as best , people ready with misty eyes showing false (and rather sick) sense of dedication and hard work being patted on back,  there came a time where all felt like eternal doom.

But then at the end of the day theres soap, dc and the beloved new canteen offering a refuge to the broken hearted .



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