Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

Sudden reappearance ….. why so?

Well…… having been ditched by every other prof who considered my profile and commented in rather usual pattern , them being :-

1.Your profile seems to be interesting

2.must make a good match

3. sorry no funding

I felt i should pour my heart out by writing a blog (way to go ….NERD)

I feel like a four year old child to whom a stranger offers the cotton candy , whose eyes light up at the sight of mushy confectionery , and his pure heart thanking the good samaratian ,, only to be snubbed at the end with smack on the face  “You cant have it ……looser”.

But still i still endevour by apping in even more disgusting manner than usual , without actually looking at profiles. I even got a comment from one which said

Hi Vatsal,

Although I don’t usually respond to the numerous IIT summer project requests that I receive, I am answering your message because you seem to actually be aware of what I do.

I am quite sorry to say that I don’t have any space (that is, spare supervisory cycles) in my lab for the summer. I encourage you to stay on your path, and consider applying to our program for graduate school eventually.

Karon MacLean

I didnt even see whether the person was a man or a woman …… This is what you call luck!!!!



  1. well the “looser” is with extra o to show how big a loser the person is


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