Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

stupid things we did …..

Well a few months backs with virtually , when we had nothing to put our teeth into , the B1 lobby had a wierd idea. An effective idea to keep at bay the infiltrators from south (i hope you get the wind of what i imply). A rather cool idea with even better name. Its teh “AUTOKILL”

product id #129bh23

Autokill is designed to keep at bay the cheap manual labour in form of household maids, a usual occurence in NCR.


1. Fully automated , no hassles.

2. Prevents drainage of national revenue to otehr countries.

3.No boom bam in neighbourhood.

But alas , we cant implement it . Our dept. seems too weak for such strong stuff.

(Hail flower power …………. sensitise urself to things around ………….. be a design in you ……………. yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy)



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