Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

some guys have all the luck

And others all the muck.

A rather cliched phrase but seemingly true as ever. Some guys do have all the luck , to the extent even their biggest goof ups reward them. And the others ? Well they are the ones who were born to cringe on formers luck. God loves diversty , and he loves it so much that he made me the one in between (the luck crap i mean … nothing queer 😛  ). Well this is because he tends to dangle the succulent carrot every now and then, making be believe that I’m the one with luck , but then with blink of an eye , i find myself on the other side of wall kicked so hard that his sole gets imprinted on my butt. And this happens time and again period.

There dangles the carrot again ….WHAMMMM!!!!!


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