Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

Hurray … its Das now

There was a time in first year where every tom, dick and harry , these three being the usual IITian seniors had just one thing to say about design —-“Arrey yaar maze kar , yeh 4 year holiday package hai” . I really got irked by this .And so i took oath (not one where you burn your hand over a candle) , to do something (which is still nothing!!!) about the decadence of the reverend institution. Three years down the lane , i am writing this post , warming my ass sitting on my chair and surfing for long hours doing virtually nothing .Though the flame has been carried on by seemingly over enthusiastic juniors who wish to revolutionise the methods (Good luck at that!!!!).

All being said , whats the subject .Well apparently my most beloved Prof (due to the fact that his non-attendance always seems to put my diligence of being non existent in classes to shame) has become ,errrr,ummmm, was made , rather the new HOD. so what is expected of him ? Well nothing can be said in advance , all i can say is if he improves his attendance , something really can be expected.


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