Posted by: vatsishere | April 8, 2009

east?west?north?south?……where to now?

With third year coming to end , i feel i have lost my bearings . With few , rather none, directions to go ahead with i stand with no clue .Gone are the days when i could pinpoint exactly what i want to do and when it should be done . Now all that remains is a shattered foundation ,on which my confidence thrived for so long , a real example of Nebuchadnezzar’s clay foot. Was i really cut for this mess .I no longer feel a sense of pride and honour to be one from ‘highly acclaimed institute’ .Puff of  vanity has vanished. Nor can i deal further with the existing ‘twisted sense of competition’.

With one more year to go , life will have more hardships to offer , the worse part being they come in the form of Trojan horse .The recipient remains unaware of the malice the giver has to offer. And so i look at the clock , with every tick seemingly long like melenia , waiting for redemption………


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