Posted by: vatsishere | November 24, 2008

who are you … designer …. eh ?

well the above was one of my friends reaction when i said i was a designer , in IIT. Rather strange to hear but believe me (and i would say Ripley’s believe it or not its true). Started as a dream to provide the ebst of design education , the department now is just a phenomena , what the IDC guys in IITb have aptly said “NID syndrome”.

here i would actually raise a few question :

why is it so that people think they know the best for us , first of all if i don’t have a liking for a field , whatever you may do will not make me excel in it , but and i would again like to specifically enforce the word BUT , our beloved profs have the notion , that its what they think will be good for is is what they should teach.

dear profs , and i am not writing this to sound as a suck (read application for internships) , we want to live a life commanded by our own decisions. Time has come to address our grievances.

one of my friends has rightly said

 “they say a man gets a life of human after 84 lakhs rebirths , only to end up in DOD ”

i am a proud designer , but shouldn’t there be a limit to nonsense?

its time we think my friends.




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