Posted by: vatsishere | November 24, 2008

what if

one of the quintessential questions man has been asking the divine puppeteer above , watching and grining smugly as we slog and slog , in vain though. The question would have appeared to you , during the soul searching moments

“what if i had made another choice ?” ,

“what if i had asked her out?”,

“what if i would have actually have had guts to do it ?”

but at the end of the day these two words remain a reminder of what didn’t. And then follows bargaining for future , pain and even more trouble. Can we be ever satisfied , one may say no .But what if we find contentment with the state of affairs present. Some may say even no to that.Then what is it that can actually relieve us of the burden such a small sentence puts upon us . I would say hope , a hope that whatever may be  , it will be me who will overcome any situation.I say lets stop saying what if , and replace it with “what if i do”?




  1. 1st of all, its not goin 2 happen and if at all it happens…. man’s progress will come to a stop coz its the inherent dissatisfaction in man that drives him to do things which he would not even think of doin if he were satisfied…

  2. well my friend you have been spot on, but here i would say a middle path , a will to achieve more yet being satisfied with what has happened may help

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