Posted by: vatsishere | November 24, 2008

sod’s law …. a.k.a shit happens

well a rather old phenomena that has been irking me the most is the sod,s law . As sodding as it means , its true to its core , whatever precuation you take , whatever the preparations you make , when the divine puppeteer wishes , the shit still happens , and sometimes to increase his entertainment , you find yourself in a knoll of shit .A rather sadistic tone for the over enthu and over optimistic guys of IIT___(note the three blanks , not an attempt to enrage my beloved friends in guawati) who think life is all sugary , and sweet . Dude get a life and if you dont find one dig yourself a hole and bury yorself into it.

brothers , and im in now way intending to sound like a apriest , life sucks the most when you expect it to be going all well and sugary and blah blah tempo and yo crap of the again unmentionable place.SO ending my ever sadistic blog on sarcastic note :

the person who said “i was unhappy cus i didnt have shoes till the time i saw a lame” was probably a jerk who didnt buy a good pair of sneakers cus he was sucha big looser taht he couldnt get one .

be practical



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