Posted by: vatsishere | November 24, 2008

retinal-geniculate-striate pathway helps us to see …….achhha aisa kya ? :P

well lets for time being not target the good ol brits , they already have problems with their hyper – alergic and hypochondriac self (i hold my hand up and swear i dont hold any grude or contempt 😀 ). well now coming back to the topic ,,,, seems wierd when u know i am a student at one of the finest universities giving out tech education ,,,, well thanx to the ill founded advice of our beloved HOD who had in mind that we need to learn cog. psychology ,,,,, we spent 4 months learning what goes on in brain (well most of it was what is brain like) ……. well friends i i were to become a doctor i surely would have had interest in what goo matter is up there ,,,, but then being inherently lathargic enuf ,,,, i ended up being an engineer ,,, even worse a designer in tech insti. so how did the course help…. a bit i must say better in comparison to the crap what we are being taught in under grad ….. but could have been better ,,emphasising on better ways to understand user thaught process and other design related things ,,,, after all let docs do what they are best at ….. why to teach techies ,,, who might finally use jugad technology making things worse.

well u must be surprisedthat im not sarcastic and frustrated …….


well my sarcastic self is now asleep from the craploads of todays exam(a.k.a. prisnors last day) and u better not wake it up……




  1. chal you atleast listened to what i had to say!!!

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