Posted by: vatsishere | November 24, 2008

i am frustrated …. im in IIT … so i write a blog

A simple and convinient technology to vent away our anger at our lives , proffs and those lucky enuf in IITs to have love life. GOOD , so here i have ended up as always , showing i am a loner .Writing a blog , a liking to which a you can see i have just started , is only a way to repress rather than emancipate from the angry self. I dont believe venting out my frustration by blogging will actually help me, but i do feel venting it out my neighbour (especially a neighbour like rohit moahn , man you rock , cus u are worth being stoned at 😛 ) is the best i can do nowadays , and i luvvvv it. Also why is that , about the usual lots of IIT guys that the outsiders see , present an image of a developed , by which i mean only the brain part , organism with excessive zeal to look like intellectual (simplified translation : nerd). Why cant people actually thinlk that we can be multidimentional .

A reason to this , one of my good ol theories , is that living in an artificial , stimulated and restrained environments makes you one .With oddly tipped demographics , negligible outside interaction and just simple boring life reapeating to death , i dont believe much opportunities are left to escape from the notion : nerd-dom.

but then im IITian , with a smug and arrogance that i can rule teh world ,(pehle apna ghar toh sambhalo ) , i continue to live in self – proclaimed bondapa , not wanting to change myself. Afterall its ego and vanity that keeps you going




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