Posted by: vatsishere | August 8, 2008

Back from britain ….with love???? naaaa custom took that too!!!!!!!!!

well its a few weeks since im back from britain and now im getting hang of the way things run in india ……my sweet little india.the first experience was being stopped and being interrogated whether im carrying explosives …. dude … even if im a terrorist i’ll not be answering that one , makes me a bad recruit . then im confronted with what brittany had left us as parting gift …. our good ol bureaucracy …. im being asked whether im carrying black foreign exchange … man … why ask just search (well then i was asked for some kharcha paani stuff and lo behold there goes fifty bucks!!!!!)…well back in campus , im back to my indian biological clock , the usual late lateefa type of working ….. the registration ends at 3 im arriving at 2 ….. i get a bus … but then as luck would have it ….. its damn full …. what do i do ….. a simple jugaaad ……. climb the top just hanging onto a carriers rod praying for my life ( need not worry , sinners live long 😛 ……all this i say my friends you wouldnt see anywhere else ,,, this is my india ….. and im glad to be back ….with a bang (and ya minus the fifty bucks)!!!!



  1. hehe…yea, international trips can be a drag…i remmbr when immigration stopped my sis for not having a voter’s id, even though she was 16. they refused to believe that indian’s are given (painfully, though) voter’s id’s only after they turn 18. bloody fools asked us to fight that out in court…indian immigration, love yá!

  2. With the haircut that you sport, i have longed long enough to ask *that* question. Am glad someone did.

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