Posted by: vatsishere | June 25, 2008

when you live in london live like a …..hmmmmmm………. londoneer????

how does one change himself to adapt to a very different ..mind you not vibrant … but a bland , hey-mister-dont-bother-me culture……well you just become a lifeless entity in general crowd , hiding your existance and act as if you were born cyborg (im now a robot … thank you britanny) . such is the situation in the london transport ….u dont talk , you dont look , and you dont do anything that in anyway hints the people of your presence …. when i talk over the phone …people look at me with thoughts ( many of them my evil assumptions 😛 ) …… what a loud speaker oohh bollocks …. cant these barbarians stop infiltrating our areas …. ooh these indians …… get out and speak you brown ….. is he talking to his commarade in al-queda ..oh god please save me from this devil …lord save the queens blah blah and her royal highness’ crap ………. ha ha ha ha …..these british and their stupid customs ………. when someone offers you a cup of coffee do remember to do two things …… tell him ” how kind of you” with such gratitude as if you have never tasted one …… second these brits call a spot of milk in their coffee to be light coffee … unless you want a bitter taste lingering in your mouth reminding of the ”how kind of you ” now turned to ”sala gora kameena ” tell them to make it with loads of milk and sugar ( though after this you will be told u’ll die of heasrt disease after you have 4 cubes ) ……. after all this i still think … do i need to follow ‘live like a roman in rome ‘ …… sure i wouldnt have liked to drape myself in tunic just big enough to cover my loins 😛


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